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After the epilogue, part 2.
“Hey, Albus!”
His name was accompanied by a raucous laugh Albus knew well to be James’. He whipped around and saw his brother running towards him, Rose and Victoire in tow.
Albus smiled to see his cousin Victoire; she was probably the prettiest person he’d ever seen, even prettier than her mother. She had long, almost waist-length strawberry blond hair and eternally rosy cheeks. She had a Ravenclaw scarf wrapped tightly about her neck.
Rose had one hand on her hip and exploded, “How could you be hanging out with a Malfoy? Have you gone insane?”
“I think your father’s brainwashing has gone too far, Rosie.” Albus looked solemn. “And not too loud…he’s not too far ahead of us.”
James chuckled. “Well, little bro, I don’t care who you hang out with personally, but keep an eye out for those thestrals. I can’t be seen with first years so I can’t stick around and beat them off for you.” Albus
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After the epilogue, part 1.
It was all he could do to stop his hands from shaking as he gingerly stepped into the empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express. No matter what his father had said, his brother’s words still haunted him, and Albus Severus Potter wanted nothing more than to run back into Ginny’s arms and go back home. Make Lily take his place on the train. She’d love that.
But before he could come to a conclusive decision, the compartment door slammed open again and a boy with longish white-blond hair scrambled in, shutting it quickly behind him.
They stood for a moment in near-silence: the newcomer, who was panting visibly, and Albus, who merely gaped.
“Oi! Potter, is it? You look exactly like your old dad!” the boy smiled cheerfully, and Albus could see that he had a slightly pointed face, which could have made him look very haughty if it wasn’t accompanied by a dazzling white grin.
“And you are…?” Albus searched the other boy’s features, and in moment
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